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Interior Architecture Department

Interior Architecture Department

Interior Architecture Department
Dr Mohammad Reza Akbarian
Vice-chair of Architecture and the head of department
Educational background: having a diploma in experimental sciences in 1991, M.A. from Safeguarding and sacred values institute, Shahid Beheshti University in 2000, PhD in Architecture from Sapienza University, Rome, Italy in 2013.

About Interior Architecture Department:
Major of Interior architecture were closed after the Islamic revolution and the beginning of the Cultural Revolution because of the specific reasons and orientation of the strings. After carrying out the necessary reforms, Soore Architecture University (along with Art University and Tehran University) placed in the first level. Now Soore University, gain B.A. and M.A. students through entrance examination in major of Interior architecture. 
Special features of Interior Architecture at the Soore University:
1- Emphasis on Updating graduates
2- Pay attention to the needs of society
3- Emphasis on Increasing creativity of graduates
4- Emphasis on research-based teaching in graduate courses
5- Emphasis on education and training in the fundamentals of scientific expertise undergraduate majors

About Urban Engineering Department:
The growth of cities and urbanism in the last century, Day-to-day urban issues has given a new dimension. Today, the care and guidance of urban development and organization of areas around cities has become of particular importance. 
Urban experts are in the process of organizing and improving the living spaces and living environments and with different designs role in the planning, preparation and implementation of spaces to participate.
The study participants were able to prepare a plan of their training in rural and urban areas and effectively in the process of planning their professional role to perform it.

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