Admission for the acceptance of free foreign students at the university of  Soore



Elevation and development of the international identity of Soore university and the suitable place for young foreign students in resuming for their education from neighboring countries and especially the Islamic world taking into account the bylaws (regulations) of a attracting foreign students into this center with all the standards and laws given by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology dated 02/05/2006.


What we call a foreign student?

A person with a foreign passport and the student visa.


The Essential Requirements:

Submissions of supporting documents as said before, a valid passport.

Submitting your academic transcripts for the university application to determine whether you are eligible. 

We require high school transcripts university certificate gain by the applicant depending on which course you are interested in.

Enrollment will be accepted in majors in which foreign students are allow to pursue in at Islamic republic of Iran universities as permitted by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology dated 25/07/2016 No. 45372/4/41 with attention to the fact that all listed majors offers at Soore university have been accredited.


Academic Transcripts:

Grades which have been sealed and certified by the schools and universities studied in and approved by the Iranian consult in your country or the candidates embassy in Iran with approval from the Iranian foreign ministry and if not in English all papers should be translated into Farsi and given in. 


Diplomas gained in Afghanistan for registration in a bachelors degree or major should have the approval signed and sealed by the ministry of culture and foreign affairs also the Iranian embassy in kabul. 


Applicants with associate’s degree allowed to continue their education in bachelor grade.


Those students studying at other higher educational institutes in Iran will not be allowed to apply.

Passport validation: six months or over.


Identity cards of students with Afghan-Iraq origin should be approve by the Educational


Financial Status to Maintain Accommodation in Tehran:

- Enough fluency in Farsi language. 

- After being accepted and before starting the course, students should register at the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute & International Center for Persian Studies or at other Persian literature courses in Tehran and should gain a certificate for their major. 


How to Apply:

- Firstly fill in the application form and send to

After which the applicants will be informed of ones status by an email. 

- Secondly the certificate needed should be sent by post.


Admission papers:

- A copy of all educational or graduated certificates signed and stamped, recognizing its value.

- A copy of identity papers signed and stamped, recognizing its true value.
- Six passport size photos. 

After all paper have been looked true  by vice-chancellor for education if any given papers not complete or student is not eligible, the student can there by pass the unit he/she need and the student can only be accepted in the second semester. 

If the vice-chancellor for education accepts a candidate, they will be informed by ministry and he/she can register and go in to pursued foreign student visa.


Admission fees:

- The foreign students are given the opportunity to study free for the main course and no fee will be asked of them.
- If the student years of study, for the chosen  major comes to and end and he/she is not finished, he/she can here by study by paying the university fees in full themselves. 
- The foreign students should pay for Farsi language courses themselves.

- The university suggested to the foreign students a place to stay and no fee will be asked of them.


Registering as an accepted student:

- Required documents:
- Approval by the Educational  Administration in Ministry of Science, Research and Technology  to ensure the students accepted.
- Student visa or (E visa) for students.
- Original diploma for bachelor and master applicant.

- Original identity documents.


Educational and Student’s Regulations:

- All the foreign students should abide by the rules of Soore University. 
- After the registration of accepted student, the university will be in contact with an educational administration in ministry of education, research and technology  for one year valid visa and the student visa will be extended with all the above pursue.

- Students are here by responsible to contact with Educational  Affairs  one month before their visa is expired and they should get in touch with the office.

- All grades will be given to the foreign student and there leave from the country is of no problem which will be done by foreign ministry.



- A certificate and scores papers are given to graduated foreign students with all    permission from educational administration in ministry of education, research and technology and exit permission will be taken by immigration police and foreign affairs.


Vice-President. Academic Affairs of the Soore University

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